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IKANAWTIKET (ee-gone-aawh-dee-get) is an initiative of the Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council through the collaboration of the Native Council of Nova Scotia, the New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council, the Native Council of PEI, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Gulf and Scotia Fundy Region), and Environment Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service) to serve as a regional Species at Risk focal point for Aboriginal Peoples residing on their Traditional Ancestral Homelands in the Maritimes.

IKANAWTIKET will help the Councils and the Councils' community members find our preferred path through the many choices available to us in the implementation of the Species At Risk Act throughout Mi'kma'ki.

Some ways in which Ikanawtiket will achieve this is through:
  1. Informing Aboriginal Peoples about the species at risk process, the status of species, and activities related to assessing and recovering a species and its critical habitat;

  2. Educating Aboriginal Peoples about wildlife, the eco-centric world view, how human activities can and have harmed our world, and ways in which we can mitigate these harmful activities;

  3. Linking organizations and people together to help provide an open and transparent process in which Aboriginal Peoples can be directly involved;

  4. Partnering Aboriginal Peoples together with other elders, educators, program managers, recovery teams, scientists, government employees, etc.;

  5. Involving Aboriginal Peoples in assessing and recovering wildlife and its critical habitat; and

  6. Co-ordinating all of these activities to help insure that Aboriginal Peoples' input into species at risk activities are meaningful and respected.
United Nations Decade on Biological Diversity
IKANAWTIKET supports the United Nations Decade on Biological Diversity


Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency - Aboriginal Review 2017

Fisheries Act & Navigation Protection Act Colloquiums - Aboriginal Reviews 2017

National Energy Board - Aboriginal Review 2016-17


MAWQATMUTI'KW (We All Live Together) is a quarterly journal published by IKANAWTIKET Environmental Incorporated, Canada Registered Charity # 85219 3465 RR0001.

Mawqatmuti'kw is produced and available to donors, sponsors and citizens interested about Mother Earth and efforts made to learn and respect our living environment.

Subscriptions are free on request and issues are archived here in PDF format.

Summer-Fall 2019 [PDF]

Winter-Spring 2018/9 [PDF]

Summer-Fall 2018/9 [PDF]

Winter-Spring 2017 [PDF]

Summer-Fall 2016 [PDF]

Winter-Spring 2015 [PDF]

Summer-Fall 2014 [PDF]

Winter-Spring 2014 [PDF]

Summer-Fall 2013 [PDF]

Winter-Spring 2010-11 [PDF]

Fall 2010 [PDF]

The following publications are also available here in PDF format:

Wood Turtles (Glyptemis insculpta) are listed as THREATENED under Canada's Species at Risk Act and the Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act. Recovery strategies are a key requirement for listed species at risk. For 2016-2018,IKANAWTIKET,through the Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk, is designated as the coordinating body for the Nova Scotia Wood Turtle Recovery Implementation Group.

Petkoutkoyek Statement on the Access, Use, and Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising Out of the Utilization of Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge in Canada

ISKENISK Declaration

Presence/Absence of Lake Utopia Rainbow Smelt (Osmerus mordax) Large-bodied Population and Small-bodied Population - AprilľMay 2014 Spawning Run Field Study

National Aboriginal Council on Species at Risk Case Study on Consultation, Accommodation and Cooperation with Aboriginal Peoples Undertaken by Environment Canada in Regard to the Boreal Woodland Caribou, and by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Regard to the Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon and American Eel; and Identification of Gaps and Suggestions to Increase the Level of Aboriginal Participation in the Species at Risk Act

Proposed Addition of the Atlantic Salmon, Gaspé-Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Population to the List of Wildlife Species at Risk under the Species at Risk Act
A Noted Accumulation of Infringements on Aboriginal and Treaty Rights at a Regional Level Requiring Accommodation and the Full and Effective Participation of the Traditional Ancestral Homelands Aboriginal Peoples Henceforth

2020 Biodiversity Goals & Targets for Canada are Deficient [English]
Aboriginal Peoples Perspectives on Canada's National 2020 Biodiversity Goals & Targets

Les buts et les objectifs du Canada en matière de diversité biologique d´┐Żici 2020 sont insatisfaisants [Français]
Les perspectives des peuples autochtones sur les buts et objectifs du Canada en matière de diversit´┐Ż biologique d´┐Żici 2020

Las Metas y Objetivos de Biodiversidad de Canadá 2020 son Deficientes [Español]
Perspectivas de los Pueblos Abor´┐Żgenes sobre las Metas y Objetivos de Biodiversidad de Canadá 2020

2020 Biodiversity Goals & Targets for Canada are Deficient [Arabic]
Aboriginal Peoples Perspectives on Canada´┐Żs National 2020 Biodiversity Goals & Targets

2020 Biodiversit´┐Żtsziele & Zielgruppen für Kanada sind mangelhaft [Deutsch]
Perspektiven der indigenen Völker über Kanadas nationale Biodiversitätsziele und -zielgruppen für 2020

Policy Critique of the Draft Species at Risk Act
Overarching Policy Framework - January 2011

Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Sustainable Use and Protection Act
Comments for the 2011 Review of the Nova Scotia Environment Act - September 6, 2011

Winter Skate - Life Denied

Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol within Canada [English]

Mise en oeuvre du Protocole de Nagoya au Canada [French]

Implementaci´┐Żn del Protocolo de Nagoya en Canad´┐Ż [Spanish]

The Sturgeon's - Booklet

The Sturgeon's - Anatomy Poster

The Sturgeon's - Life Cycle Poster

The Sturgeon's - Threats Poster

The Sturgeon's - Significance Poster


The IKANAWTIKET Discussion List

The IKANAWTIKET Discussion List serves to provide a portal through which the Councils and the Councils' community members can receive updates and information about species at risk as soon as they become available and provide them with a means of discussing and responding to these updates.

Examples of notices and documents that will be provided are COSEWIC Calls for Bids, COSEWIC Assessment and Status Reports, Socio-Economic Impact Assessments, Regulatory Impact Analysis Statements and Orders, Recovery Strategies, Action Plans, Management Plans, Residence Descriptions, and Reports on Critical Habitat Protection.

Each of these documents has a short consultation period following its publication and the Ikanawtiket Discussion List will serve as the primary method for discussing and responding to these documents in a timely, efficient, and organized manner. Any one person subscribing to this list is not expected to read and comment on every document, but to single out those documents of interest and provide feed-back.

Subscribers are also asked to either forward notices and documents to others who may have comments or to direct those people to the Regional Facilitator so that they may be added.

Subscribing to the IKANAWTIKET Discussion List

Click here to subscribe to the IKANAWTIKET Discussion List.

When you subscribe you will be sent an email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you. To protect your privacy - this is a hidden list, which means that the list of members is available only to the list administrator.


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